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About Advantage Parcel Express (Apex)

Established in 2000, Apex has been providing expedited and time critical courier services for both businesses and individuals. Our company is backed by 25 years experience in transportation and time critical package delivery. Our goal was to establish a courier service that is able to provide reliable, professional and on time delivery for the most time sensitive, perishable, irreplaceable documents and goods. We wanted to give our customers the type of service that enables them to put their trust in us 100%. Our clients know that they can be confident that with us, their shipment will be delivered safely, securely and on time--at the lowest cost. In addition, we wanted them to be confident that we understand the nature of the products that they are shipping and know how to handle and transport their documents and goods. Weather it is an extremely time sensitive, highly confidential and important document or data tapes or valuable art work or a life saving medical or pharmaceutical product, they can trust us because we have proven ourselves to them and to our other clients time and time again. Our couriers go through complete background checks and extensive training to handle and transport hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Because failure is not an option when it comes to lifesaving medical products or an important part or device that is urgently needed to repair or run a critical piece of equipment, we go the extra mile and do what others canít and donít do to make sure the job is done right. We use the same standards to choose our partners nationwide. We choose the most reliable companies in the industry. And when we become a delivery partner for other companies, we give their customers the same reliable service.

To serve our customers better, we have created a range of services to meet all of their needs. We offer different solutions for different shipment types and different clietns. We offer same day, next day, overnight, 2 hour, freight forwarding and even freight charter, international option and on board courier. No matter which services you need, we make sure that you get the same high quality level of service.

Our Core Values

    You can trust that when we make a committment, we'll stick to it. Your ability to trust us is key to our success, and we know it.

    We never under-delivery. It's always there on time, safe and secure.

     We've got 25 years of experience behind us and each and every one of our clients can attest to the fact that Apex has what it takes to get the job done.

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